Prairie Village Panics Over Suspected Influx Of Low Rent Neighbors

The denizens of a place we like to call "Perfect Village" were up in arms over the mere though to apartment living coming to their part of the metro.

Here's a quick peek at the ruckus . . .

The city said the issue has received a “significant amount” of discussion about possible changes. Prairie Village Mayor Eric Mikkelson said at the beginning of the public comment period that the city is not considering multi-family developments in single-family areas and that the city is not planning to rezone any areas.

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Housing policy draws standing-room only crowd at Prairie Village City Council public hearing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A standing-room only crowd offered public comment Tuesday night at the Prairie Village City Council meeting as the city considers updates to its housing policy. "We are anticipating a lot of comment tonight about housing. It's an important topic," Prairie Village Mayor Eric Mikkelson said at the start of Tuesday night's public hearing.