Overland Park Coffee Scene Competes For Pumpkin Spice Supremacy

The competition to lure white ladies on Instagram is fierce.

Here's how the Johnson County enclave seeks to create a "thirst trap" for online creators and caffeine addicts:

"Overland Park has some of the best coffee scenes in the country. What does that mean for you? This means we get to reap the benefits of excellent, locally roasted coffee and we're here to share what some of the best PSL alternatives are in OP."

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Overland Park Alternatives to Your Pumpkin Spice Beverage

Ahhh, the aromas of fall are here... so that can only mean one thing: Your local coffee shop drive thru line is 20 cars deep and snarling traffic for the coveted pumpkin spice latte. And let's not forget Instagram selfie photo opp to be seen with your first #PSL of the year.