Opportunistic Kansas City Bike/Walk Activists Push Agenda With Every Cyclist Death

Advocacy is a tough racket and we can only hope the overriding message is that locals try to keep EVERYONE safe on local streets.

Still . . .

Pushing sketchy & highly debatable street cutback policy whilst a beloved local man is mourned by his family is pretty cold.

Here's the money line . . .

There is a road map to a solution that BikeWalkKC is working on.

He also cited the city’s Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injury crashes.

“Which not only allows them to go after big federal funding and opportunities, but also give staff a clear road map for how they can work to lowers crashes, not just for cyclists, but for pedestrians and drivers as well,” Kelly said. “The idea is that by narrowing streets, you encourage drivers to drive more careful.

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BikeWalkKC continues pushing for bike safety after father of 10 killed in hit-and-run in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO - BikeWalkKC, a group that advocates for bicycle safety in Kansas City, Missouri, is calling for action after a father of 10 lost his life during a hit and run while riding his bike. Michael Kelley, policy director for BikeWalkKC, says the community can help make roads safer so families don't have to go through a loss like the Criniere's.