Old & Busted Kansas Unemployment System FINALLY Earns Cash For Long Overdue Fix

Without any exaggeration or hyperbole . . .

A busted website BROKE many families in Kansas who were unable to access benefits they had earned. 

This was one of the greatest FAILS in the nation during the pandemic and a disgrace so unbelievably devastating that not even the GOP is willing to capitalize on it lest their involvement becomes public.  

The busted website drove people into poverty at a time when options for work were limited. 

It was a life line that wasn't there for many and a very real, terrifying reminder that sometimes the social safety net has a HUGE hole in it.

Now . . . Here's hope that politicos from both sides of the aisle do a better job of preparing for disaster:

"KMBC 9 Investigates continues to get emails from people still struggling to get unemployment benefits, even two years after trouble first started. The department has struggled to keep up with demand for help, while also paying out nearly $450 million in fraudulent payments"

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Kansas to receive $4.5 million boost for unemployment system modernization

Kansas will receive an additional $4.5 million to help modernize its outdated unemployment benefits system. The money comes from the American Rescue Plan and will bolster a $48 million plan to upgrade the system over the next couple years.