Newsflash: EPIC Gas Bill Price Spike Getting Closer For Kansas City

We talked about this upcoming price spike last month.

Now it's news fact and a topic of upcoming public meetings. 

Take a peek . . .

The company is requesting a price bump of around 63% to the volumetric portion of the delivery charge, which shows up on your bill as “Winter Usage” or “Summer Usage.” If approved, the change will increase the company’s revenue by just over $143 million.

Spire currently estimates that the rate increase will raise customers’ bills by around 12.7% in the western half of the state. They calculate that amount to be around an extra $10.95 per month. However, some customers have experienced bill increases far beyond Spire’s estimates in the past

Three public hearings are scheduled for October where the MPSC will review public feedback. The first, on Oct. 12, will be held in person in St. Louis. The other two hearings will be the most accessible to Kansas City residents:

October 13: A virtual hearing will be held online at noon.

October 18: An in-person hearing will be held at 6 p.m. in the large meeting room of the Gregg/Klice Community Center in Kansas City. The community center is located at 1600 E. 17th Terrace.

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