New Scheme To Fund Kansas City World Cup Emerges: Hint It's Still A Tax

Behind the scenes borrowing might be the solution to avoid public embarrassment AND/OR a vote on so much money locals will be forced to pay for this event.

Check a clever description of of what is really just another shell game . . .

"Morgan Stanley, an approved underwriter, would buy the bonds — in a principal amount not to exceed $40 million — and generate proceeds that Jackson County could use on certain tax-exempt eligible projects, according to a preliminary term sheet included among records the Kansas City Business Journal obtained through a Sunshine Law request.

"With the Chiefs' and Royals' agreement, those new bonds would be paid from current stadium revenues at no additional cost to Jackson County . . ."

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How to upgrade Arrowhead Stadium for 2026 World Cup without costing taxpayers - Kansas City Business Journal

Jackson County officials last fall considered a bond transaction that could have generated tens of millions of dollars in proceeds to cover changes to Arrowhead Stadium for the World Cup. The measure was considered "premature" at the time, more than six months before the region's selection by FIFA, but may still represent a future funding source.