New KCI Spends 5 MILLION BUCKS On Campy 'Diverse' Artsy Offerings

Sorry but the new airport art mostly looks like something that local thrifters might find at a garage sale or one of the more interesting dive bars that are creeping back up. 

A velvet painting of Elvis would have brought more gravitas to the structure . . . But, sadly, nobody asked TKC OR VOTERS about how they'd like to see this money spent. 

There aren't any big names or notable talent . . . Just a "diverse" & "equitable" agenda that produced some truly mediocre offerings.

Credit to one of KC's very best artsy writers to offering a far more inspiring account . . .

Based on the $565 million vertical construction cost, which includes the new parking garage, the city’s One Percent for Art program calls for about $5.65 million to fund public art at the reconfigured airport.

This is the largest public art project in Kansas City history, an enormous undertaking with countless moving parts. The endeavor has unfolded fairly smoothly, but there have been a few bumps along the way.

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Public Art for KCI, the Largest Public Art Project in KC History, is on Track for Installation by the New Airport's Opening in March 2023 - KC STUDIO

Artist Kathy Liao in her downtown studio with a draft (top right) of her artwork for the new KCI terminal. Titled, "Hello and Goodbye," the piece will feature acrylic on birchwood panels and ceramic tiles. (photo by Jim Barcus) The public art initiative for the new terminal and garage at Kansas City International Airport strikes a chord with artists such as Kathy Liao.