Missouri Voter ID Crackdown Debated

Overall this news item isn't sexy but proves to be a key question as far as "voter integrity" is concerned.

However . . .

A quick fact check stands out: So far officials haven't found one legit voter that this effort would prevent from casting a ballot. 

Here's the crux of the debate . . .

"The lawsuits, filed by the ACLU of Missouri and the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition, target a sweeping law enacted last month that primarily requires voters to show government-issued photo ID at the polls to cast a regular ballot. Voters without proper ID can cast a provisional ballot, which will be counted if they return with valid ID that same day or if their signature is verified by local election officials."

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Missouri judge weighing lawsuits over photo ID law

Attorneys argued in court Friday over two lawsuits challenging a new Missouri law on voter photo identification and civic engagement rules. The hearing over how and whether the lawsuits should proceed was held before a judge in Cole County.