Missouri Supports Weed Legalization Across Partisan & Demographic Lines

The marijuana battle in the drug war has been lost and everybody knows it. 

Here's polling which reveals that the alleged "gateway drug" is more popular than any politician currently trying to convince the electorate . . .

According to a recent poll by SurveyUSA, 62% of 1,782 registered voters in Missouri responded that recreational marijuana should be legalized. Among other respondents, 25% were against legalization and 13% were not sure.

Notably, support for recreational marijuana didn’t vary much across the state. Although support for legalization stood at 67% in urban areas, according to the SurveyUSA poll, 60% percent of registered voters in rural areas also supported legalization.

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Recreational Marijuana Amendment Sparks Support in Rural Missouri

In 2019 Brooke Foster learned her son was changing his undergraduate major and abandoning his pre-medicine track. His new plan: cannabis. Foster, who owned and operated her family's chain of local grocery stores in rural, northern Missouri, was shocked. She knew little about medical marijuana and, as many do, thought it was just a way for people to get high.