Lenexa Standoff Ends After Suspect Found Dead From Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Tragic conclusion to today's Golden Ghetto ruckus.

Here are more deets .  . .

"The man was asleep in his car with his dog and when police knocked on the window he showed a gun, started the car and reversed into a police vehicle.

After attempts to resolve the situation, police found the man dead inside the vehicle."

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Lenexa standoff ends, police says suspect dead

LENEXA, Kan. — The Lenexa Police Department says a suspect is dead after a standoff in the parking lot of a business Wednesday morning.

Lenexa Police standoff with a stolen vehicle suspect has ended

Police in Lenexa, Kansas, surrounded a vehicle believed to be stolen in a standoff with a suspect Tuesday morning. Officers were called to investigate a suspicious vehicle in a business parking lot around 7:45 a.m. in a business park near 79th Street and Barton Street.

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