Kelce Shares His Hot Take On Body Slam

Our bad for missing this bit of news fun but it's worth going back to consider in as much as Kegger Kelce seems to be growing on even the most skeptical fans in our his old age . . .

“The body slam was funny, but what was even more comical is the fact that he asked me after the play, or after that drive, ‘Bro, you good?’” Kelce recalled. “What a great guy, man. What a great guy.”

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Travis Kelce Reveals What Derwin James Said to Him After Body Slam

As the great racing champion Ricky Bobby once said: "I'm flying through the air, this is not good." That's more or less exactly what went through the mind of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce last Thursday, when Chargers defensive back Derwin James body slammed him to the turf in one of the game's most memorable plays.