KCMO Council Dude Eric Bunch Takes Credit For Hipster Party Bridge

There are many things the 4th District and the Kansas City metro need . . . Yet another craft beer party place might not be one of them.

Here's the tweet campaigning in lieu of any meaningful interaction with a council dude who most people don't really know . . .

"One of my first acts after being elected to the KCMO city council was to sponsor an ordinance to give a 115 year old decommissioned railroad bridge to another city. Kansas City, MO owned it but the bridge physically exists in the state of Kansas.

"And I’m glad we did give it to the fine folks of @UnifiedGovt because they are working with community partners to improve trail access and turn the bridge into quite a gathering place on the Kaw River! https://rockislandkc.com"

The tweets assume a lot about this future project . . . Critics question if creating a hipster hangout is even worth it. 

You decide . . .