KC Tenants Launch 'Power' Spinoff Protest

Just a bit of TV history for #TBT . . . American sitcoms are now safely consigned to the past but long, long ago they provided an entertaining distraction for millions of Americans along with safe cultural commentary which proved more influential than anyone would like to admit.

A facet of the sitcom . . . Producers attempted to capitalize on success by taking unique characters from a popular show and providing another platform in order to garner more fans. 

The gimmick rarely worked with one notable exception that proved the rule . . . The Jeffersons was actually much more popular and a better sitcom than All In Family . . . Where the characters originated. At the very least . . . Lil TKC liked the theme song and still hums it when I'm mowing the lawn.

Similarly . . .


We're guessing this might be a way for the group to shake their fist at local politicos after being stabbed in the back by Mayor Q. 

Here's the pitch . . .

KC Tenants Power is led by tenants in Kansas City, organizing to take our city back and to house the people.

We are the sibling organization of KC Tenants, the citywide tenant union in Kansas City.

On Saturday October 8 we will hold the TENANT TAKEOVER, a rally to share our vision for a city where the people come before profits, we invest in our neighborhoods, and we can afford to live and thrive.

You decide . . .