Kansas Reflector Fears 'Threat To Democracy' Whilst Begging For Donations

We take a peek at our better funded journalists in Kansas and their sketchy position statements. 

Here's a glimpse at the principles & position statements which motivate this cadre of bloggers journalists . . .

"Our state and country have approached a point where belief in outright, easily demonstrable falsehoods threaten our institutions. We cannot long survive without a healthy, representative government and vibrant, independent news media. Both teeter on the edge of an abyss."

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Campaign season begins, while truth itself hangs in the balance for Kansas and country - Kansas Reflector

With Labor Day past and full-blown political campaign season upon us, politicians have turned stretching the truth into a national pastime. Heated claims of "fascist" and "radical" fly through the air like so many poorly aimed hand grenades. Social media outlets teem with scalding hot commentary, most of it only tangentially related to the real world.