Here's the deal . . .

In Kansas this opioid epidemic is killing a more middle-class white people than anyone would dare imagine. 

TKC isn't a much of social butterfly but this blog has known or heard of at least half a dozen golden ghetto denizens who have died by way this dangerous drug over the course of the pandemic. 

The floodgates at the border are open and white people have never seen this level of drug addition in their community . . . It's starting to look a lot like the urban crack epidemic of the 90s without the good music and street art.

Accordingly, credit to KC Mag for their long-form journalistic examination of the topic and how it has impacted our community . . .

In 2020, there were four hundred and seventy-eight recorded drug overdose deaths in Kansas, and in 2021, six hundred and eighty. The CDC shows that overdose deaths in the state increased by forty-three percent last year alone. That spike is linked to the increase in fentanyl in the area.

While the Midwest’s fentanyl crisis is seeing a surge, America’s opioid epidemic at large is worse than ever before. In 2021, the nation logged a record-breaking 107,622 drug overdose deaths.

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An Inside Look Into Kansas' Current Fentanyl Crisis

How fentanyl is pushing the opioid epidemic into new, more dangerous territory, and why Kansas saw the nation's second-highest increase in overdose deaths last year