Kansas City Weather Dude Disputes Dire Forecast From Farmer's Almanac

We like it when locals push back against conventional wisdom.

Here's a sound bit of reasoning and data from a local broadcaster . . .

FOX4 meteorologist Jacob Lanier disagrees with the almanacs’ methods of predicting winter weather. The almanacs have often stirred up debate about their accuracy, and some experts say the long-term predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Lanier, who is trained as a weather professional with a meteorology degree, said the almanac uses broad, general statements to predict weather. He believes its too difficult to comprise focused forecasts that many months in advance.

Last year the Old Farmer's Almanac also predicted a cold, snowy winter for most of Kansas City with cold and dry weather to the north. But Kansas City recorded 19.7 inches of snow last winter, only about 1 inch above the average.

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New prediction puts Kansas City on edge of snowy or dry winter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Another winter forecast has been released, and it puts Kansas City right on the dividing line for snow. The Old Farmer's Almanac recently issued its full winter weather forecast, and the outlook for Kansas City isn't quite clear. The region sits on the edge of two zones: cold and dry or cold and snowy.