Kansas City Tuesday: Identity Politics & White Dudes Denied Amid Deplatforming Era

We start today's news cycle with word that a smut brand was booted from a top app and white dudes no longer rule "Old Blighty" as we take a peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Toy Train Dream Delayed. Again.

KC Streetcar adjusts hours due to street resurfacing work

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KC Streetcar will adjust its service hours starting Sunday due to street resurfacing work affecting the KC Streetcar Corridor. The city will begin resurfacing from the City Market area and Main Street between 7th Street and Pershing Road. This will also affect 3rd and 5th streets, Grand Boulevard and Delaware Street.

Show-Me Voting Impact

ONE-ON-ONE: Missouri Secretary of State talks new election law


Kansas Gun Talk & Advice

Ottawa police chief urging gun owners to secure firearms after burglary leaves 14-year-old behind bars

OTTAWA, Kan. - Ottawa, Kansas, Police Department Chief Adam Weingartner is urging his community to promote firearm safety, highlighting the importance of keeping guns locked away. "It's important that if you own firearms to keep them safe, keep them locked up when not in use," Weingartner said.

Popular Smut Shut Down?!?

Instagram removes PornHub's account as pressure from campaigners grows

Instagram has removed the official account for PornHub as pressure from campaigners against the site grows. The news was first reported by Variety , which notes that at the time of its removal, PornHub's Instagram account had some 13.1 million followers and 6,200 posts. The account posted safe-for-work content that promoted PornHub's various videos and performers.

White Dudes Stay Losing Great Britain?!?

Liz Truss's cabinet may be U.K's first without a White man in high office

Liz Truss, who won a terse battle to succeed Boris Johnson as British prime minister, is set to preside over a historic moment: for the first time, there is unlikely to be a white man holding one of Britain's four top seats of politicalpower. Are you on Telegram?


GOP still has inside track to House majority despite Dem gains

Still, House Democrats face this sobering fact: Republicans may not need to flip any districts that Biden carried in 2020 to reclaim the majority. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her caucus are also staring down a coming wave of outside spending, which could swamp them in TV ads in the critical final weeks of the midterms. And historical precedence is not in their favor.

MAGA Stays Winning Fight Over Dox

Trump allowed 'special master' in case over handling of classified documents

Donald Trump wins the right to an independent overseer in the investigation into classified records.

Union Talk Postscript

Biden again attacks 'MAGA' GOP members of Congress, 'full of anger, violence and hate,' in Labor Day speech

President Biden on Monday attacked "MAGA" GOP members of Congress in a Labor Day speech in Wisconsin as the president steps up his broadsides against Republicans ahead of the midterms. "I want to be very clear up front, not every Republican is a MAGA Republican.

Science To COVID: Blow Me!!!

China approved the world's first inhaled COVID-19 vaccine

China's government approved the world's first inhaled vaccine against COVID-19, the vaccine's maker Cansino Biologics announced on Sunday. The vaccine, called Convidecia Air, changes the liquid form of the vaccine into an aerosol using a nebuilzer. The vaccine can then be inhaled through the mouth using the nebulizer machine.

Entertaining Local Racial Drama For A Change

KC Melting Pot's "Dying to Party" Is an Uproariously Hilarious Emotional Rollercoaster - KC STUDIO

KC Melting Pot just wrapped up their official season but they've got one last treat for audiences.

Piled High For Tuesday

The Pitch's Secret Menu: Pastrami at Best Regards Bakery & Café

Secret menu pastrami slider. // Courtesy Best Regards Bakery & Café Pssst ... got any pastrami? Don't tell everyone, but Best Regards Bakery & Café-home of the city's best sugar cookies-secretly peddles pastrami. 'Tis true. Deli regulars who can only dream of the days when Katz's Deli in New York City's reigned supreme can get a little pastrami on the...

Wolfman Morning & Then We Move On . . . 

FOX4 Forecast: Fog then more sunshine

A slow but noticeable warm-up will start tomorrow once the sunshine returns and it appears that Friday will be the hottest day of the week ahead of a cold front that should move through over the weekend bring a touch of fall weather for a couple of days FOX 4 meteorologists Joe Lauria, Karli Ritter, Michelle Bogowith, Alex Countee and Jacob Lanier will keep you apprised of any severe and dangerous weather in our area.

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