Kansas City Star Reports COVID Fading & Begs Readers To Get Bivalent Vaxx

Sadly . . . Look around and locals don't seem to be very concerned by the ongoing plague.

It's hopeful that the numbers are looking better but, objectively and for better & worse, we don't see the same level of urgency and the public doesn't have much enthusiasm for the latest poke. 

Here's the newspaper's mainstream perspective . . .

As case numbers and hospitalizations continue to fall around the country, Kansas City’s numbers are declining at a slower pace, and less consistently. While case totals declined in the past week, they rose during the previous week by over 250 cases. The COVID patient count in The University of Kansas Health System is also slightly higher than last week’s total. “We are kind of static as far as number of active infections,” said Dr. Dana Hawkinson, medical director of infection prevention and control at The University of Kansas Health System in a Friday news briefing. “Hopefully that will trend down.”

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COVID-19 cases down in Kansas City. Officials advise getting new bivalent booster shot

COVID-19 case numbers fell in the Kansas City area this past week as new bivalent booster shots arrived at clinics around the metro. These boosters offer protection from both the original COVID-19 and several strains of the omicron variant.

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