Kansas City Star Fights For Greitens' Child Custody Records: Journalism Or Sleaze?!?

Given that voters have turned their back on this dude and his MAGA schtick didn't really convince anybody . . . It's obvious that his political career in Missouri is finished.

However . . . This bit of snooping might keep him out of local politics for good.

It's not our style but maybe there's a defense that doesn't sound like tabloid garbage. 

Take a peek . . .

The Star and the AP argue that a decision to make the record off-limits to the public to protect the former Republican governor’s two young sons goes too far and denies voters important information about a recent candidate for public office.

The AP’s motion was filed Thursday and was accepted by the court clerk Tuesday.

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Associated Press, Kansas City Star seek sealed record from Greitens' child custody case

The Associated Press has joined The Kansas City Star’s motion to get a sealed court record from former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens’ child custody case.The Star