Kansas City Star Imagines Abortion Rights Midterm Triumph For Democratic Party

A risky plan for progressives is championed today in the pages of the Kansas City Star.

The dramatic Kansas abortion rights upset is the premise for the argument . . . But there's a big difference betwixt a single ballot issue and a more complicated partisan debate amid an impending red wave.

Here's a tacit admission of as much . . .

"That’s not to say that pro-choice candidates come this Nov. 8 are a shoo-in. Far from it. But it does appear that when women show up to vote, Democrats have a better chance of winning, even in moderately red states like Kansas and deep red states like Missouri."

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Focus on the finish line, Kansas and Missouri. Foes of abortion rights will never stop

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Every runner knows that the race isn't over until you cross the finish line. Make no mistake: We are in a race to preserve women's reproductive freedom, and the stakes couldn't be higher. Failure will endanger women's health and threaten the autonomy of every woman for years to come.