Kansas City Solves Homeless Crisis Today???

An upcoming press conference will undoubtedly anger local property owners throughout Kansas City.

The last time city hall hoped to fight homelessness . . . Free motel rooms and a Bartle Hall takeover were the only solution offered.

Today's announcement is somewhat more hopeful . . .

The number of people living unsheltered in Jackson County has increased 193 percent in the last three years. Local officials have spent a year researching and planning, ultimately coming up with an action plan with the goal of bringing the number of people living on the streets down to zero.

They call the plan “Zero KC - A Plan For Ending Homelessness in Kansas City”.

Another presser copy quote . . . 

The program, called Zero KC: A Plan for Ending Homelessness in Kansas City, was developed by the city’s Houseless Task Force and the Housing and Community Development Department.

The plan was unveiled Thursday morning during a press conference outside City Hall in downtown Kansas City.

The plan is based on five pillars:

- Living outside is dangerous.
- Kansas City needs more housing.
- Wrap-around services are critical.
- One size does not fit all.
- Solving homelessness requires investment.

The plan has identified priority projects, including low barrier emergency shelters, enacting encampment strategy, increasing street outreach presence, increasing cross system collaboration and engaging neighborhoods and business communities.

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