Kansas City Royals Fans Rage Over Team's Lack Of Accountability

Fan frustration with the home team's front office is reaching EPIC proportions and this recent screed claps back against cheap talk from Royals' leadership. 

Here's the word . . .

"We’ve talked a lot this year about accountability and the Royals. But that’s because, with every new nugget of information we learn, we discover a front office that has even less accountability than even the most pessimistic among us had previously assumed."

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The Royals have cornered the market on lack of accountability

"At some point, they have to turn the corner." Wait, pause, let's just take a moment and appreciate that three former Royals beat writers got together, formed their own version of The Avengers, and exposed the Kansas City Royals with as devastating a news article ($) as you're likely to read about a sports team that doesn't involve tangible harm to others.