Kansas City Royals 2022 Might Lose 100 Games Again: Beyond Repair???

Some of the braver sports writers aren't showing the home team any mercy and this is a welcomed shift from losing years past.

Here's the money line from another scathing critique worth a look . . .

"These comments come down to one thing: denial. The 2022 Royals are flirting with 100 losses which, again, would be the third 100-loss season in five years. Faced with this frequency and volume of losing, and considering that The Athletic piece revealed that Kansas City thought they would be about a .500 team this year, a smart team would welcome criticism and do some soul-searching.

"But Moore and the front office don’t seem to be interested in introspection. Instead, who is at fault? Those pesky critical spirits. And the front office thinks they are in a good spot and are actively ignoring criticism."

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Dayton Moore's recent comments show that the organization is beyond repair

It has been no secret that the Kansas City Royals have struggled to develop pitching, and especially starting pitching. This year, their starters have the fourth-worst ERA in baseball, the sixth-worst FIP in baseball, and the second-worst K-BB% in baseball.