Kansas City Red State Week In Review

In this episode Mayor Q talks exceptionally fast about all of his big plans. 

He doesn't get much push back in the polite conversation and the nice people at public TV must've turned off the A/C  because the 12th & Oak honcho was sweating. 

Still, the Mayor's answers were much more informative and entertaining than watching the last print reporters in the world lament that lack of progressive enthusiasm.

Here's a more optimistic description . . .

Nick Haines talks to Mayor Quinton Lucas about a host of issues including stadiums discussions, a new jail facility, public safety and more. Also, Steve Kraske and Dave Helling discuss concerns over how Independence spent COVID relief money, Derek Schmidt's proposal to eliminate sales tax on diapers and tampons, Trudy Busch Valentine's lackluster campaign, the new Jackson County jail & more.

Take a look/listen via www.TonysKansasCity.com link/embed . . .