Kansas City Real Estate Agents Seem Desperate Amid Rate Hike Outlook

Given that Vlad is getting ready to start the draft in Russia and there's a very real chance that U.S. currency might turn to confetti . . . Now isn't the best time to take out EPIC loans.

Accordingly and of course . . . Locals with property to sell are singing a different tune. Example:

“Things are changing and things are shifting," said Alex, a realtor in Kansas City. "What we’re feeling is more of a rebalance. We’re not seeing values on homes plummet by any means. They’re staying pretty steady and actually still increasing a little bit.”

Owens said although news headlines about the housing market seem dire, the situation on the ground looks different.

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Kansas City-area realtor says local housing market remains strong

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Despite news of an interest rate increase and drop in existing home sales, housing experts say the Kansas City area market is still strong. "Things are changing and things are shifting," said Alex Owens, a realtor in Kansas City. "What we're feeling is more of a rebalance.

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WASHINGTON, Sept 21 (Reuters) - U.S. existing home sales dropped for the seventh straight month in August as affordability deteriorated further amid surging mortgage rates and stubbornly high house prices, though the pace of decline moderated from prior months.

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The US housing market has been slowing down in the past few months as interest rates continue to climb. But Goldman Sachs has warned prospective home sellers that the housing market downturn is expected to worsen in 2023. And for interested home buyers, this doesn't necessarily mean lower home prices.

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