Kansas City Public Schools: Get Involved Or Run For Cover???

Perspective . . .

Over the past 40 years parents have decided to escape the KCPS at all costs. 

However . . . Here's a glimpse at some dedicated locals who are sticking it out and stepping up their participation for the sake of their families and the community.

Check-it . . .

In recent years, the advisory council has struggled to encourage parent participation. Some schools don’t even have a parent group that sends a representative to the committee.

That’s supposed to change this year as KCPS follows through on plans to launch a parent leadership organization at each school, even if some are no bigger than two participants.

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Kansas City Public Schools working to ramp up parent input

On a recent evening, parents of Kansas City Public Schools students gathered in the Board of Education building, where they shared concerns about confusing dress codes, unreliable transportation and dangerous streets.