Kansas City Police Debunk 'Defender' Blog Serial Killer Misinformation

A blog we've mentioned in the past recently earned "viral" online TikTok success by spreading a rumor with no basis in fact. 

What our readers might remember . . .

The KC Defender Blog has been featured by local public radio and recently earned $25,000 worth of grant money from a progressive funding platform. 

Amid their short tenure the blog has shared rabidly anti-police content, reported a great many inaccurate details about local schools using the names and photos of students and even speculated wildly about Midtown drug overdoses and alleged dealers.

Now . . .


Here's the word released moments ago . . . And we think this info is the most important part of the conversation . . .

KCPD: Social Media Post

"We are aware of the social media post circulating regarding the murder of 4 women in Kansas City, Missouri in the past week at the hands of a “serial killer” and the report of 3 additional women missing.  We want to make the public aware this claim is completely unfounded.   There is no basis to support this rumor.

"Furthermore, we notify the media any time we respond to a homicide.  There is a daily homicide analysis which is also posted on our website.  There has been 1 female homicide victim in the last six weeks which occurred in the 3600 block of Cypress Ave."

Here's a peek at the nonsense that garnered TikTok fame but didn't really play on other social media outlets with better controls on this type of garbage . . .


A quick perspective . . . 

What's important is that people realize this seems like really cynical ploy to garner online fame, attention and clicks without any semblance of VERIFIABLE info and in order to stir worsening racial avarice within the community. 

Sadly . . . It worked.

And now officials are diligently attempting to clarify a malicious rumor that actually does a disservice to people who are trying to raise awareness about a VERY REAL HOMICIDE SURGE in 2022 that is mostly comprised of domestic drama fatalities, sadly typical street violence and tragic confrontations gone horribly wrong.

Money line from recent reporting . . .

"At least one subreddit post on the topic lists names claiming to be the victims of the alleged killer. One of the women listed as missing on the site was found alive Monday morning, according to police."

Updated news links . .

Police say social media rumors regarding a 'serial killer' targeting women in Kansas City, Missouri are untrue

The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department said a video circulating social media claiming a "serial killer" is targeting women in the community is false. In the video, posted to TikTok and shared to other social media platforms, a man claims information from the community says four "Black girls" have been murdered, and three more have been reported missing, in the past week.

KCPD: Social media post claiming serial killer on loose in KC 'completely unfounded'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Viral social media posts state a serial killer is targeting young Black girls in Kansas City. The Kansas City Police Department, however, said those claims are not verifiable. A TikTok/YouTube post from The Kansas City Defender said there are four women murdered and three others missing from the area around 85th Street and Prospect Avenue.

KC Police: Social media claims of serial killer are untrue

Posted: Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police say there is no truth to a rumor about a serial killer that is circulating on social media in the Kansas City area. The rumor surfaced on Twitter and TikTok and has since received thousands of likes and retweets.

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