Kansas City Pays Homeless $15 Per Hour For Trash Pickup: Will It Work???

This plan has been in the works for about a year but there's a new twist . . .


The work is dangerous, physically demanding and 15 bucks isn't really very competitive when you factor what sanitation workers with private companies might earn.

But it's a start.

Nevertheless . . .

A major stumbling block to this feel-good publicity stunt is that, overall, trash pickup on local streets has been degraded over months and years. A worsening homeless crisis has only worsened the situation.

As their term comes to an end and despite a recent ordinance hoping to confront longstanding complaints . . . The current council didn't really do much to improve this aspect of basic city services and one neighborhood after the next has suffered more trash on local streets.

And so . . . We check this latest plan and hope for the best . . .

Kansas City Public Works is also involved, investing $300,000 and working with the local outreach programs.

Parks-Shaw said the money invested into this program will come from tax payer dollars. Those who are recruited will be paid a minimum $15 an hour.

“These are tax dollars that are being utilized to implement this program, but I know we are utilizing tax dollars to address many city issues,” Parks-Shaw said. “The city council has committed $15, and many of the unions and labor all agree starting at $15 is a great start."

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