Kansas City Offers More Empty Promises Amid Latest GO Bond Cost Of Living Increase

Here's what we like . . .

Locals leaders aren't willing to lie about a basic fact of life: Borrowing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS worth of cash will inevitably cause the price of services to rise in Kansas City. It's a fundamental economic axiom that only charlatans will attempt to challenge. 

The former mayor wore a bow-tie and thought he was charming enough to confuse voters about this fact of life . . . But he wasn't. Also, we like that local pro-tax campaigners are still talking about "momentum" all these years later.

Meanwhile . . .

New leadership is simply counting on low voter turnout and public disinterest to pass their spending package.

Also . . . It helps that there hasn't been a realiable anti-tax group in Kansas City for more than 3 decades.

Even better . . . Crosby Kemper lost interest in Kansas City so the local tax fighters have moved their criticism elsewhere. 

Accordingly . . .

Here's a peek at a ballot issue that will pass with less than 8% support from the local electoratge . . .

The first bond question will ask voters whether the city should issue up to $125 million in general obligation (GO) bonds for parks, recreation and entertainment facility upgrades. The measure would send nearly $80 million in bonds over five years. The city would use those funds for the following:

- Make upgrades at community centers,
- Reopen shuttered public pools,
- Fix historic fountains,
- Make upgrades to several public parks

"We will keep engaging with folks in all areas of Kansas City to ensure public facilities are open, safe and accessible for all of our children and families — in all Kansas City neighborhoods,” Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said in a news release.

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Kansas City to vote on funding for affordable housing, community upgrades

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City voters will weigh in on two bond measures this fall that would allocate money to affordable housing and upgrades at pools, parks and the convention center. The Kansas City Council approved adding the two questions to the Nov. 8 ballot.