Kansas City Newsman Blogger JimmyC Imagines Killer Jungerman Targeting Him

First and foremost . . . JimmyC did a MAGNIFICENT job blogging the Jungerman trial. His citizen journalism offered readers amazing insight into the nuances of the proceedings and valuable perspective earned over decades of journalism practiced by way of mainstream media.

However . . . 

As with all "murder pr0n" writing . . . The author might have become a bit too involved when he imagines himself as part of a much bigger story. 

Moreover . . .

As with all newsie undertakings . . . What started as a sensation ended with a whimper as Kansas City news watchers didn't seem to care much about the fate of an angry old man eventually convicted of killing some dude over money. 

Here's the money line that built a bit of suspense and might be more interesting than the anticlimax trial:

"I have to tell you that when I first started writing about this case five years ago and went out on a limb pointing the finger of guilt at Jungerman, I was a bit worried that he might come after me."

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Reflections on the Thomas Pickert case

Well, loyal readers, if you thought I'd turn the page to another subject today...WRONG! With the Jungerman trial reaching its climax yesterday, I left a lot of good material on the cutting-room floor. I think most of you will appreciate some points of interest that I didn't have room for yesterday.