Kansas City Midday Serving: Prez Biden Double Time & Local Foodie Offerings

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Urban Core Profits From Local Foodies Slumming 

Tap List | East Crossroads Field Day Set for Sunday

Remember when you were a kid and the school year was coming to an end and you would have field day complete with competitive events? Well, if you've ever longed to do it again you're in luck! The East Crossroads will be staging the first East Crossroads Field Day beginning at noon on Sunday, Sept.

Stoner Food Debuts

Get baked: Guy's Snacks will debut THC-infused chips with Franklin's Stash House | Flipboard

Editor's Pick: 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City Why We Chose It With a prime location in Kansas City's Library District, 21c Museum Hotel offers luxe accommodations alongside art installations and curated galleries. Key Specs Free Wi-Fi: Yes * Resort fee: No * Room rate: $$ Notable Amenities Original artwork, ...

Taste Of Local Life

Pitmaster LT's sauce aims to become KC's next hit barbecue sauce

Pitmaster LT's sauce aims to become KC's next hit barbecue sauce with a new Walmart distribution deal.

Smut Trending

The Market for Real Estate Porn Is As Hot as Ever

Sarai Minx in a Property Sex scene. Courtesy Property Sex The erotic tension between owning a home and watching people have sex in your dream house has always been appealing. There's a term for spending tortured hours browsing Zillow, fantasizing about houses you can never afford in places remotely distant from your own tax bracket: real estate porn.

Trouble With The Deuce

Another Democratic candidate pours cold water on Joe Biden 2024 | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden has built a bit of momentum of late -- buoyed by lower gas prices, strong jobs numbers and a series of legislative victories.

Double Jeopardy Confronts Talker

A second trial begins for Alex Jones over his Sandy Hook hoax claims

WATERBURY, Conn. - A Connecticut jury began hearing arguments Tuesday in a trial to decide how much money conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should pay relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting for spreading a lie that the massacre was a hoax.

GOP Seek Pro-Life Unity

Republican senator Lindsey Graham set to propose national abortion ban - live

Republican senator set to propose national abortion ban Good morning, US politics blog readers. Republicans will give the country a preview of what they'd like to see happen to abortion rights today, when senator Lindsey Graham proposes a national ban on the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy, according to The Washington Post.

Economic Spiral Worsens

The Fed is fighting inflation. Could deflation be its next battle? | CNN Business

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business' Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up . You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking the same link. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has a big problem, and he can't do anything about it.

Doxing MAGA

U.S. lawmakers ask National Archives for accounting of Trump records

WASHINGTON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - A congressional panel on Tuesday sought an urgent review by the U.S. National Archives after agency staff members acknowledged that they did not know if all presidential records from Donald Trump's administration had been turned over.

Polygamy Also Disappoints

Christine reveals she and Kody only had sex 'a couple times a year' in the 'Sister Wives' season 17 premiere

On the "Sister Wives" season premiere, Christine spoke about her lackluster sex life with Kody. "A couple times a year doesn't work for a marriage," she told her then-husband during an argument. Christine said it was "ridiculous" that Kody's attraction to her was presumably based on how she treated his "favorite wife."

Slice Of Night Life

Taco Bell Menu Brings Back Mexican Pizza (Seemingly for Good)

Those who love the Mexican Pizza have had a rough few years. This classic menu item from Yum Brands (YUM ) fave Taco Bell was the kind of reliable comfort many folks looked to on that late night drive-thru run, for an afternoon lunch treat, or simply because they were in the mood for its strangely addictive delights.

More To The Menu

What's New in Kansas City Food and Drink for September 2022

New cocktails, pizza and coffee. Here's what is coming to and going from the KC food scene in October 2022.

Hipsters Offer Palate Cleanser

Mise en Place: Thuy Soldner of Liquid Garden Juice Co. wants you to take a (wellness) shot with her

Mise en Place: Thuy Soldner of Liquid Garden Juice Co. // Illustration by Cassondra Jones Thuy Soldner is a humble entrepreneur who works so hard she can hardly stop to pose for a photo. From washing dishes, to shaping peanut butter chocolate chip protein balls, to bottling turmeric water, her resumé would suggest that she knows how to take care...

Midweek Heat Up

FOX4 Forecast: Soaring above average!

After a cool start to the day, highs are expected to climb into the middle and upper 80s with abundant sunshine! The heat continues to build as we head towards the weekend. Details in the update here!

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