Kansas City Ignores Snake Pit Compliants

In the midst of a campaign for voters to approve MILLIONS worth of GO bonds that are tantamount to a tax increase . . . It's important to see what locals get in return for their money and ballot box endorsement.

Sadly, and with respect to the iconic work of hottie Marissa, even warnings from neighbors about a community hazard don't seem to register . . .

They’ve reached out to city officials about the condition of the house. “I tell all that to the supervisor, I tell all that to the city and they’re just taking notes,” she said.

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Dilapidated home in Kansas City has neighbors concerned about safety

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - In the middle of a block along Chestnut Avenue is a home covered in vines that's marked "do not enter." Jennifer Arredondo and her neighbor Lidia live on either side of the dilapidated house. On Lidia's side, the home is being held up by wooden pillars.