Kansas City Hopes To Enforce 'Equity' By Eliminating Parking Access

Before mayoral & council terms expire, City Hall diligently labors away on a very silly plan to insulate themselves from the world, make life more expensive for most residents and attempt to turn streets into a maze of poorly landscaped garbage. 

What's worse is that so many believe this effort will help "equity" when most of what it seems to accomplish is to drive po'folk away from urban spaces and into outlying ghetto suburbs.

Here's the word . . .

"As the Kansas City Council adopts policies to make walking safer, officials will need to craft one unified vision on what equitable walkability will look like in the future."

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Can Kansas City park its cars and become more walkable?

Ira Boydston speaks frankly about the prospects of walking with his children to their elementary school in Kansas City's Red Bridge neighborhood. "It's across Red Bridge Road, which can suck to try to get across it," Boydston said. (Boydston is a Beacon community engagement representative. View a program description here.)