Kansas City Friday Face-Off: Council Dude Eric Bunch Vs. Crissy Dastrup

As we start the weekend . . . Let's help the discourse by trying to distinguish betwixt two contenders competing for hearts & minds in the 4th District. 

A lot of people forget but Crissy Dastrup was once an administrate aide for Council Dude Bunch. Now she's after his job. 

We think that's interesting in its own right and it's kinda weird that there are so many progressive blogs out there but NONE of them have bothered to mention this fun fact.

There's more to write about this contest but for now let's just focus on the basics . . .

- Crissy Dastrup is a recent arrival to KC by way of Arkansas which is cool. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Council Dude Bunch was spawned from a 90s Dockers commercial.

- Both of their policies lean toward progressive goals with Council Dude Bunch bowing to Bike Supremacy whilst Ms. Dastrup showing a preference for parks.  

- Social Justice seems to dominate the agenda of both candidates. Councilman Bunch proved to be a fierce critic of KCPD leadership during his first term. Meanwhile, we notice Ms. Dastrup seems to be a bit more ideologically focused. 

We noticed some signage on Ms. Dastrup's campaign website that highlighted her affinity for BLM. Meanwhile, Council Dude Bunch has seems to be playing things a bit more cool amid election time.

In any event . . . 

There are some similarities for 4th District voters but we look forward to these candidates distinguishing themselves during the campaign by way of debate and public statements. 

What we're afraid might happen is that so many KCMO politicos will use the lingering news about the pandemic as an excuse to tweet their way into an office.

Developing . . .