Kansas City Fatal Crash Surge Likely Powered By Drivers Distracted By Screens

Thankfully, a local law enforcement official states the obvious . . . Digital phone tech is most likely the culprit behind so many recent crashes.

Here's a word of caution . . .

Over the past few weeks, roads and highways seem to be in a cycle of crashes and fatal crashes . . . "There's something always going on inside of that car. There's people or devices in the car or screens," Sgt. Bill Lowe, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said.

All distractions cause drivers to take their eyes off the road and put the lives of other drivers and even pedestrians at risk.

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'It all seems to go in cycles:' Missouri Highway Patrol says of recent crashes in KC area

This week has seen a number of crashes, including fatal ones, around the Kansas City metro."It all seems to go in cycles," said Sgt.