Kansas City Faith Blogger Tacitly Admits That Nobody Votes For Skeptics

Atheism earned a bit of a bump in the early part of this century as a response against GOP grandparents and the tyranny of the Islamo-facists which sparked two American crusades wars.

Fortunately . . . The promise of an atheist awakening in America is unfulfilled. Instead, people are justifying all kinds of nasty stuff in the name of the creator. 

Luckily . . . One of our favorite local scribes helps us unpack the trend . . . Check-it . . . 

Oh, the number of adult Americans identifying as religiously unaffiliated (called the "nones") certainly has climbed. In fact, those folks now make up almost 30 percent of the population. But far from all of them would identify as atheists. Rather, they say they're searching, between-faiths, "spiritual but not religious" and in similar categories of inexactness.

The article asks this: "What happened to America’s promised atheist political revolution?"

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