Kansas City East/West Toy Train Route Vaporware Hype Persists

To be fair . . . All of this might become a reality IF Prez Biden wins another term. Then again, at that point I'm pretty sure we're all getting free electric cars.

Here's the word and a bit of advice that readers SHOULD NOT hold their breath given that we've been talking about East/West accessibility in the metro for the greater part of 50 years . . . Check-it . . .

This study is designed to provide a roadmap to help fill existing east-west transportation gaps, connecting into primary north-south transit corridors, as well as give communities in Wyandotte County and Eastern Jackson County the opportunity to leverage regional assets. Farris said developing plans and local consensus on regional project priorities is essential to this process.

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Imagine Downtown KC special report: East-West Connections - Downtown Council of Kansas City

Imagine Downtown KC Strategic Plan special report: East-West Connections , July 20, 2022 AJ Farris, interim planning manager of , presented the Imagine Downtown KC Implementation Committee with insights on the future of transit in Kansas City, by discussing the RideKC East-West Transit Study .

Imagine Downtown KC special report: KC Streetcar Expansion - Downtown Council of Kansas City

Tom Gerend, executive director of the Kansas City Streetcar Authority , presented the Imagine Downtown KC implementation committee with progress reports on the southern and northern extensions to the current 2.2-mile KC Streetcar service area. Each is fully funded, in part by federal transportation grants matched by local Transit Development District funds.

Developing . . .