Kansas City Copes With Great Resignation

The anti-capitalist trend which threatens to define a generation might be complete if local news is actually starting to pick up on it.

However, this money line explains why NOBODY without a deep and beautiful Honduran accent wants to take your obnoxious, repugnant and entitled fast food order . . . 

Check-it .  . .

A recent Lexington Law survey says that 3 in 5 Americans would take a 50% pay cut for a job they loved. And it wasn’t just Millennials. As age increases, the preference for rewarding jobs becomes stronger. Baby boomers said they’d choose a job they loved over doubling their salary.

“People still want to work,” says Stacy Christie, a Salo finance business development director from Overland Park. “But now, what makes them stay with an employer is more than a paycheck. People are looking for work where they feel purpose and have an impact.”

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Understanding the Great Resignation: It's not about quitting - Kansas City Business Journal

No matter where you find yourself geographically - even here in the Kansas City metro - the talent shortage is real. Yes, people are quitting their jobs. But this isn't any old quitting. In fact, examining the underlying motivations for the Great Resignation can empower you and your team to find solutions that make your organization thrive.