Kansas City Concert Scene Still Segregated?!?

Despite a great variety of musical options . . . One of our favorite local artists laments that this cowtown doesn't have many places where cultures can mix.

We can forgive the obligatory social justice chatter and realize that this band has always offered pretty decent music and only seems to want more people to party & vibe together . . . Sadly, that isn't happening enough OR when it does . . . It typically ends in a mass shooting.

Here's a more optimistic take . . .

Something even cooler? If more Kansas City area residents actively acknowledged the systemic barriers of the area’s live music scene. And then did something about it.

“Concerts in Kansas City are as segregated as the town is, like concerts for these kind of folks and concerts for those kind of folks,” Chi says. “This festival, I hope, becomes a Kansas City staple, where you really do see the community coming together — both the music community and black and brown folks, which don’t get together very often in this city, not at the same events and the same venues.”

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Celebrate AMERI'KANA Music & Arts Festival: Bringing Communities Together - KC STUDIO

Enrique Chi, founder of Art as Mentorship and front man for Making Movies (photo by Travis Young; courtesy of "The Pitch") The eighth Celebrate AMERI'KANA Music & Arts Festival, scheduled for Sept. 10 at Crossroads KC at Grinder's, looks to be the most ambitious yet in support of Black, Indigenous, immigrant and Latino music and culture in Kansas City.