Kansas City Chiefs Suffer Infighting Amid Toxic Mahomes Hype

By far the most interesting aspect of a recent shocking loss by the Kansas City Chiefs was the appearance of an argument betwixt a baller with a contract that's reportedly worth half BILLION dollars and a coach who hasn't garnered much success climbing the NFL ranks.

Here's a local sports talker sharing his perspective . . .

Soren Petro's tweet speaks to much of the Kansas City zeitgeist.

But, as always, let's consider an alternative perspective . . .

The Kansas City Chiefs are crumbling under the weight of Patrick Mahomes and his poorly managed celebrity status.

Consider . . .

Maybe Tyreek Hill wasn't completely out of line when he contended that the organization cast him aside like garbage

More likely . . .

There's not enough money in the world to pay a quarterback $500-MILLION and then offer anything but token gestures of respect for the rest of the team. 

All of this might be a question of motivation . . . 

NBA coach Phil Jackson confronted a similar dilemma and solved his problems with brutal honesty. 

The world remembers the iconic career of Michael Jordan and his six championships whilst only basketball super fans can name anyone else on the team who were also integral to the success of the organization.

Reportedly, Phil Jackson understood the unfairness of it all and leveraged the brutal nature of celebrity as a selling point to his team rather than a reason for envy.

Remember . . . These are all grownups, adult men who are paid MILLIONS for their athletic talents. 

According to NBA folklore  . . . Jackson engaged in personalized player reading lists and conversations about philosophy and life with all of the team in order to bring them closer to the truth. Sporting glory is fleeting and their experience in the maelstrom of championship competition offered just one aspect of their lives which would prove infinitely valuable to every member of the organization for the rest of their days and possibly into the infinite. 

Call it a gentle lie, a mindf*ck, a selling point, post-capitalism or possibly a moment of enlightenment but it worked and grown men with their own dreams and aspirations worked dutifully as little more than a supporting cast in order to secure the legend and BILLIONS OF DOLLARS generated by Michael Jordan. 

Back to Kansas City . . .

Coach Andy Reid is a great but nobody ever accused him of a philosophical approach to anything more complicated than the Cheesecake Factory menu.

The tried & true working-class, us-against-the-world and team spirit schtick isn't going to cut it for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Moreover, Kansas City sport fans are notorious for debilitating and nearly schizophrenic hero worship that not only stifles growth but also burdens the entire metro with disgusting celebrity idolatry and groupthink which attempts to force a false social hierarchy amongst lower-income residents who sacrifice a great deal of their income to avoid thinking about dire economic circumstances.  

But I digress . . .

Here's the $500 MILLION question and something that will determine whether or not the Chiefs will make a return trip to the Super Bowl . . .

Why should anybody else care about the greater glory of Patrick Mahomes???

Receivers and maybe the O-line don't really need to think about the issue because their payoff is immediate but overall the question seems to be resonating with the organization in very obvious ways. 

Finally, the question of motivation is important to the culture at large amid union strike threats, declining American productivity, the great resignation and so-called quiet quitting

Bearing witness to greatness and becoming part of the cultural lexicon might not be alluring to every baller but what's clear is that the Mahomes magic is quickly fading among his colleagues. 

Fans might be next.

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You decide . . .