Kansas City Chiefs Doubters Double Down

This off-brand sports website takes up a proud tradition and offers a scathing rebuke of the team and their chances this year. 

This was a column series that was championed by Deadspin before the Gawker empire crumbled.

Check the money line . . .

"Lemme just take you back for a moment, so that you can fully appreciate how badly the Chiefs fucked up a season ago. They treated the regular season, as they often do, the way an NBA title contender does: they struggled out of the gate, kept their cool as people did the whole “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM?” thing, and then turned on the motor in the back half of the season, all in preparation for a title run that they essentially treated as preordained. Never mind that the Chiefs had the sixth-worst defense in football a year ago, or that the Ravens tallied 251 yards rushing against that defense, or that they blew a game to the Chargers so badly that the Chargers’ white head coach felt free to call his own white QB a “gangsta” after the fact, or that the Bills and Titans both annihilated them in their respective regular-season matchups, or that they didn’t have as many big plays on offense as you think because opposing defenses figured out a way to cut off their oxygen supply. These were the Chiefs. They’d get their shit together."

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