Kansas AG Schmidt Campaigns OnTrans Sports

Two things . . . 

He's right that there's widespread opposition and antipathy toward trans people. 

But here's our main takeaway . . . 

He'll lose this debate because it seems mean and, like it or not, voters want to LIKE their leaders. Likeability is not fair or even a smart way to pick leaders . . . But, like it or not, charisma has a lot to do with winning elections. 

Whilst trollish keyboard warriors might back this move . . . We're not sure how it's playing in the light of day in population centers . . . Some voters might make the argument that he's swagger jacking ideas from Fox news that are entertaining but not very substantial. 

Mainstream concern . . . 

At a time when people of Kansas are worried about problems like inflation, recession, education and healthcare . . . The trans sports issue seems like nothing more than culture war distraction.

Here's the prog blog take on the story which will deny that the issue will, in fact, play well with the GOP base:

Kansas AG Schmidt and former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines appeared together at Johnson County Republican Party headquarters to denounce Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s two vetoes of a ban. The Kansas Legislature fell short of overriding the governor’s veto of a measure applicable to interscholastic, intercollegiate, intramural or club teams or sports sponsored by public educational institutions in Kansas.

The political objective of advocates would be to block transgender people from taking part in athletic teams designated for girls or women.

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Schmidt, college swimmer embrace restrictions on participation in sports by transgender athletes - Kansas Reflector

OVERLAND PARK - Republican gubernatorial nominee Derek Schmidt pledged Thursday to sign legislation targeting transgender persons by mandating athletic teams sponsored by public schools and colleges in Kansas align participation with an individual's gender at birth. Schmidt and former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines appeared together at Johnson County Republican Party headquarters to denounce Democratic Gov.

Schmidt weighs in on transgender athletes, reproductive rights in KS Governor's race

In the race for Kansas Governor, Republican Derek Schmidt is taking a stance on transgender athletes and the future of reproductive freedom in the state. KMBC 9 was at the Johnson County Republican Party Headquarters in Overland Park as he made a campaign announcement Thursday.Schmidt said that if he's elected governor, he'll ask lawmakers to get the Fairness in Women's Sports Act on his desk in his first 100 days in office.

Kansas General Election: Schmidt, Kelly set to debate

TOPEKA ( KSNT) - Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and Attorney General Derek Schmidt are set to debate each other leading up to the General Election on Nov. 8. Voters will have the opportunity to see 2022's Gubernatorial candidates face off in three events in September and October.

Kentucky swimmer who tied Lia Thomas supports calls for separate 'Trans Division'

A Kentucky swimmer who competed against controversial transgender athlete Lia Thomas is hailing the World Swimming Coaches Association for demanding a separate "Trans Division" in competitions. University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines - who tied Thomas for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle NCAA championships - told Fox News that it was "great" that groups like the WSCA were seeking change.

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