Johnson County White People With Good Intentions Attempt To Save The Planet

A recent gathering of the GOLDEN GHETTO middle-class attempted to save the world from skyfall.

In these last 12 years that we have together . . . We appreciate their sacrifice and doomed effort that's nearly as predictable as an episode of Captain Planet:

49 vendors — ranging from compost companies to advocacy groups to the K-State Agricultural Extension — filled the Powell Community Center in Merriam on Saturday to lead hands-on learning on all things environment.

The free-to-attend fair was busy almost as soon as it began, with hundreds of people showing up.

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Years in the making, a Johnson County environmental fair recruits residents to fight climate change

Hundreds attended the Go Green environmental fair on Saturday, which brought businesses and advocacy groups together from across nine Johnson County cities to educate residents on ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact in their communities.