Johnson County Sheriff's Office Warns Of 'Critical Level' Staffing Shortage

The Golden Ghetto needs more po-po and a leading law enforcement official puts the public on notice despite the attacks of his growing number of political critics.

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"A spokesperson for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office says it's short 61 deputies and preparing to lose 20 more. There are 436 on staff right now.Calvin says the shortage won’t impact emergency calls, but it will impact how the agency share its resources across the county."

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Johnson County Sheriff's Office reports 'emergency level' staffing shortage

OLATHE, Kan. - As the most populous county in Kansas, Johnson County accounts for more than 613,000 people. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office says it's in trouble because of an "emergency level" staffing shortage. Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden pins the whole thing on wages needing to increase.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office says deputy shortage at 'critical level'

OLATHE, Kan. - The Johnson County, Kansas Sheriff's Office reports it's currently at an "emergency" level staffing shortage with 61 deputies down and nearly 20 more preparing to leave in the coming weeks due to low pay.

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