Johnson County GOP Lady Candidates Lead Kansas Red Wave: Karens Or Crusaders???

As always . . . We appreciate activism of all kinds . . . It's inspiring to see people get off of the couch and out into the streets . . . Even if we might not agree with their politics OR their call to action is more likely to elicit an eye-roll.

Here's the struggle to keep Kansas a red state . . . A mostly successful fight over the course of a century in flyover country . . .

"Lynn Mowrey from Louisburg, Kansas, said she was excited by the passion of the candidates but also said hearing the women’s perspectives made her feel less alone.

“I guess feelings of anger and disappointment that we all had during COVID,” she said. “We all felt isolated. That our voices weren’t being heard. It just resonated.”

Mowrey said she has been politically active for many years. She was excited to see a slate of conservative women candidates. She said it was good to hear from candidates who are not moderate republicans or “RINOS,” a shorthand some conservatives use for Republicans-in-name-only.

“There’s not much difference between them and Democrats,” she said. “We’re labeled as extremists — individual rights, less government more liberty. That’s not extreme. That’s normal.”"

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Johnson County candidates vow to fight climate activism and liberal schools: 'That's not extreme'

Republican candidates hammered "traditional" conservatives and Democrats alike during a Friday evening gathering at Hope Family Fellowship Church in Kansas City, Kansas.