Jason Kander Discloses Wife Diana's Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Right now we take another moment to consider Diana Kander, one of the most powerful behind the scenes business and political players Kansas City has ever witnessed in the modern era.

This week Jason Kander disclosed a health scare suffered by his wife but thankfully the news is optimistic . . .

That's a really sweet and inspiring sentiment. 

Here's our favorite photo of Diana Kander taken by TKC and with a fitting sentiment for our blog community . . . 

Reality check . . . 

The Kansas City power couple is likely to walk away from this challenge with yet another best selling book added to their list that they'll frame after running a marathon.

For those who don't know . . . 

Diana Kander is the brains behind this incomparable duo.

Right now Kansas City politics is nothing more than the scraps that "DK" has left for others pick over. 

Whilst the low-end politicos and community leaders hustle and work crowds . . . Diana Kander can decide elections, endorsements and funding with a few phone calls. 

By her early-thirties she had helped to earn victory in more than half a dozen council contests and a host of ballot issues IN ADDITION TO installing the brash & barely camera ready Sly James as Mayor. 

Jason Kander never wanted to be President . . . Truth is he might have been happy to spend decades skulking around Jeff City and waiting to become Missouri Attorney General after putting on an extra 75lbs sometime in his early 50s. 

Diana's connections and hustle opened countless doors for Jason Kander and when he revealed his PTSD to the public . . . Jason Kander profusely and publicly thanked his wife for once again providing infinite patience and support on his road to recovery. 

Jason Kander is now one of the most popular talkers in the nation and a pro-level-amateur softball player. 

The power couple seem to have deescalated their political ambitions for the moment but insiders are smart enough to know that a few well-timed text messages could easily put them right back at the pinnacle of national level Democratic Party politics. 

We're leaving this post open to comment and hope that readers will be nice. 

To be fair . . .

Jason & Diana are still very politically involved public figures . . . Just as they've powered and supported the Democratic Party agenda . . . They've wrecked a few careers and done their fair share of damage to KCMO as well. Adults realize that NOBODY earns political power without inflicting a respectable amount of rhetorical pain on opponents; like it or not . . . Occasionally delving into mudslinging is the cost of doing political business and we notice that the Kanders never crossed anyone who didn't go after them first.

But none of THAT is as important as THIS . . . 


Again . . . She is a brilliant person and overall has worked to make Kansas City a better place. 

We know that whatever path the Kanders take . . . They will excel, provide inspiring leadership and serve as some of the very best people in Kansas City.

Developing . . .