Jackson County Suffers COVID Intervention Ruling Smack Down On Appeal

The court fight power during time of plauge can be confusing . . . All we know for certain is that the courthouse was hostile toward anyone who questioned their rules and even conservative legislators didn't do much to push back against controversial regulations that continue to evolve throughout the course of the pandemic. 

Today's highlight . . .

In Tuesday’s decision, the judges cast doubt on the counties’ claims that they didn’t seek to intervene until after a ruling was issued last November because they thought Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt would appeal the case on behalf of the state health department.

The ruling noted that the highly-publicized case had been pending for 11 months before a judgment was originally issued, and in Jackson and St. Louis counties’ motion to intervene, the counties themselves pointed to Schmitt’s lawsuits against local governments and schools’ mitigation measures, like mask mandates.

“In these cases, Attorney General Schmitt argued on behalf of the State of Missouri that some of the same parties who are now intervenors in the current case exceeded their authority with respect to mask mandates and the COVID-19 pandemic,” Judge Anthony Rex Gabbert wrote in Tuesday’s opinion. “It seems disingenuous to argue that intervention must be allowed after judgment because Attorney General Schmitt unexpectedly declined to appeal the judgment.”

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