Politicos ALWAYS underestimate the demand for jail space. 

This time around is no exception.

What's worse is that KCMO is cut out of this deal and the utility of the new structure is now confronted with major questions.

Here's a peek at another crisis in the making . . .

"A forecast model shows the jail will need to increase capacity by 16.5 percent by 2035. The new facility is planned to have 1,200 beds, compared to the 884 beds at the current jail. "

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Hoping to ease overcrowding, Jackson County breaks ground on new $260M jail

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. (KCTV) - Crews are breaking ground Wednesday on what is slated to be a new 1,200-bed Jackson County Detention Center, coming at a cost of around $260 million. The county has cited numerous reasons for the necessity of a new jail facility, including overcrowding.

Jackson County won't accept Kansas City's inmates at its new jail. Where can they go?

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Kansas City officials are talking quietly about spending $150 million or more for a new city jail. Voters are already contemplating a November bond election tied to $175 million for Bartle Hall repairs, parks and affordable housing. Kansas City is thinking about a potential nine-figure public investment in rebuilding Barney Allis Plaza, which crumbles as we speak.

Developing . . .