Is Political Canvassing Against The Law?!?!

No, not it's not.

BUT walking door-to-door is a tricky biz and it's best to be OVERLY FRIENDLY in order to reasure an increasingly primitive & paranoid populace.

Here's a story from a nearby small town that offers a perspective on the debate . . .

"The ACLU said that the city of Gardner's website does not say there is any criminal penalty for canvassing without a permit and does not list an ordinance number. It does, however, say that an annual or daily permit fee is required."

Read more via link . . .

ACLU sends letter to Gardner police for First Amendment rights violation

GARDNER, Kan. - The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas sent a letter to the city of Gardner Police Department for alleged First Amendment rights violations against a volunteer political canvasser. The letter says that Gardner resident Robert Bowen was going door-to-door as a volunteer for a political campaign and was approached and threatened by Gardner police with an "unpublished Gardner City non-solicitation" order.