How Did Kansas City Ruin KCI In 12 Years???

Today Kansas City earned another local disgrace that isn't getting enough attention from skeptical people.

Before we get started, let's note that JD Power rankings are in fact real and pretty well respected. 

Something that we want our readers to consider amid today's bad news . . .


And so this not-so-fun fact can't be dismissed as mere obsolescence. 

The airport was 38-years-old when it topped a nationwide list and had already adapted to the post-9/11 world.

Let's quickly check the deets from 2010 and see how it compares to the current disgrace  . . .

Kansas City International Airport soared above the competition in a ranking of passenger satisfaction.

 J.D. Power and Associates rated KCI as the top medium-sized airport in its 2010 North America Satisfaction Study, released Thursday. The survey, based on responses from more than 12,100 passengers who flew last year, named Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport as the high flyer among large airports (30 million or more passengers a year) and Indianapolis International Airport topped the small airport category (10 million or fewer passengers a year).

Check another more recent review foreshadowing this town's airborne fate . . .

"KCI ranked 25 out of 34 medium-sized airports in the J.D. Power 2015 North America Airport Satisfaction Study released on Wednesday."

Now here's a bit of forced optimism from a recent article . . .

"In Kansas City, though, things will likely turn around in 2023, as the new airport terminal will open March 3. The $1.5 billion project is in its final stages of completion."

However . . .

Better reviews aren't assured. 

Again, there's a lot of skepticism about the new layout and concessions after a recent tour and rave reporting was likely rigged by local officials. 

Even worse . . . People don't seem too jazzed about the structure if this social media review is any indication.

"The whole thing honestly looks like a 60s minimalist design. Given the opportunity to do something interesting with a brand new terminal, I would have thought it would have at least a little bit of wow factor. Indy's new airport has a ton of light and the lines and features give it some pizzazz."

Excuse us for being rude but . . 


But none of this gets us to the heart of the question . . .

What happened??? Why did new KCI take such a nosedive in 12 short years???

Some locals believe that City Hall actively worked to scuttle KCI. Shutting down one terminal out of three and refusing any upgrades is bound to have an impact. 

But let's go deeper . . .

Over the past decade the KC Aviation Department has turned into yet another dumping ground for incompetent and problem workers. Sure, there are some good ones holding the place together but the sad fact is that the KCMO Water Dept. is full of human paper weights and now other divisions have been forced to take the worst of the worst. 

What's even scarier and this might be our theory . . .

Look at the lackluster, incompetent and ridiculous quality of political leadership over the past 12 years which seems to to correspond to the degradation of EVERY PUBLIC SERVICE IN KANSAS CITY, MO!!! 

Elections, in fact, have consequences, and the horrific state of the current airport and endless hype for the new structure serves as a testament to our directionless elected officials.  

Read more via link to paywall content that's kinda worth it . . .

J.D. Power rankings put KCI as one of the worst for passenger satisfaction - Kansas City Business Journal

With less than six months to takeoff on the new Kansas City International Airport terminal project, where does KCI rank with air travelers? According to the J.D. Power Inc.'s 2022 North America Airport Satisfaction Survey released Wednesday, air travel satisfaction is down overall, likely due to fewer flights, more crowded terminals and sparse food and beverage options, according to a release.

You decide . . .